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Book launch

By GLENN CHANDLER, Mar 25 2016 10:11AM

A very successful book launch for 'The Sins of Jack Saul' last Monday at Above The Stag Theatre where the show will be performed 11 May - 12 June. About forty people turned up, almost everyone bought a book, and some people bought more than one copy! Nice to see old friends, including fellow author Keith Skinner, renowned expert on Jack the Ripper and Scotland Yard. Lovely also to see Sue Pollard, who is a patron of the theatre. We gave it an Irish feel, with music and St Patrick's Day decorations, so I think if Jack had been there he'd have been pleased!

Mar 27 2016 09:52AM by Chris Delaney

Great book launch, including the extracts that Glenn read from the book - and the Above The Stag theatre was the ideal venue, providing a friendly, lively atmosphere. Can't wait to see the musical.

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